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Any business that succeeds in the long run, no matter what industry or product, cannot succeed without knowing exactly where the money goes and how much profit the company obtains from the money spent on advertising. Internet marketing is no different.

Despite what some gurus will tell you to the contrary, Internet business is just like any other business as far as the principles of revenues and expenses. To succeed in Internet marketing, you’ll have to be able to track website statistics and test different marketing strategies in order to see if your money is being well spent.

“Testing and Tracking” is a valuable resource to show you the specifics of the tests you’ll need to run and the tools you’ll have to have in order to assess the effectiveness of all kinds of variables, such as copywriting, advertising, giveaway offers, product pricing, and much more. You’ll learn exactly how to run a test and evaluate the results.

You’ll also learn what metrics all successful Internet marketers track and how they do it. You get the exact details of what you need to look for and how to organize the information. You’ll also discover five of the most important tools you need in order to grow your Internet business.

“Testing and Tracking” is a must-read for anyone getting started in the Internet marketing industry or wanting to develop an online business to its fullest potential. Get your copy today


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